Strategic Technology Solutions
is a technology consulting firm formed in 1997 in response to a growing need for technology assistance in the nonprofit sector. As the company grew, we expanded our reach to local government, small businesses and foundations.

We work with all levels, top management, program and support staff, and present to the client options on using technology to improve its overall mission and strategic goals.

The website was developed by Strategic Technology Solutions in 2001 to help organizations and companies make better decisions on databases (selection, use, training and maintenance). We believe a database should be flexible, user friendly and easy to learn. We believe in customizing a database to meet your needs.

To better serve its clients, Strategic Technology Solutions:

  • Assists clients in choosing the best strategic plan for implementing technology in their organization
  • Helps the client use technology to streamline their current operations
  • Guides the client in making better database decisions
  • Identifies the appropriate resources and technology tools for projects
  • Provides the client with training that allows them to become independent and more knowledgeable about the capacities of technology
  • Manages the project from start to finish
  • Provides ongoing maintenance and support


The strengths of Strategic Technology Solutions include:

  • They understand the work of the nonprofit sector
  • Have over twelve years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and foundations
  • Have a strong team of technology experts in the fields of (database management & design, network management, training, web development, online databases, and fundraising management)
  • Have direct access to technology resources

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