Access 2000

National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders

Strategic Technology Solutions recently worked with the Program Manager at the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders (NAAHL) to design a Conference database.

  • Organization Size — 5
  • Background/Purpose — Design a database to track conference attendees, conference revenue and generate reports, forms letters, labels and badges for the NAAHL 2001 Annual Conference. Organization Size - 5
  • Current Use of Database — NAAHL has a flat table in Access with over 100 fields to track information on their members–a few fields note the different conferences but there was not a specialized database to track Conference attendees.
  • Time Importance - there was an immediate need centered around the March 2001 NAAHL conference — registrations were coming in and they wanted to enter them into a database system; the project started in January 2001 and lasted about 3 weeks
  • Implementation and design — the client already had Access 2000 installed on the network. We used the Access 2000 wizard as a template for our conference database. While we started with the wizard, we added fields to tables, changed field labels and types, modified screens, created customized queries, and custom designed reports to meet the needs of NAAHL.
  • Training — Working with one contact person, the program manager, a lot time was spent showing her how to modify existing tables, add fields and change field properties. We also covered: how to create a database relation, identify related tables, edit existing forms (add and delete fields and change field properties), and design queries. Training was also provided on how to: design specialized reports, define the different types of report lines (header, title, footer, record and detail lines), create totals, sums, counts and calculated fields, and merging from the database, merging from MS Word. In addition, phone support was provided.
  • The Success of the Project — There was no need to purchase additional software--Access 2000 was already on their network; the Program Manager grasped the database concepts quickly and after two training sessions was able to produce and design reports on her own; investing in training, NAAHL now has a staff person with database expertise.
  • Long Range Plans — While the conference database was an immediate need, NAAHL has decided to design a centralized database system that will track members, dues payments and renewals, service on committees, and conference registration . This will begin after their Annual Conference. The data design from the existing project will be incorporated into the new project.


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