The Searchable Web Database is great solution for any organization that has multiple locations and branches, does external outreach, and needs to share data with members, affiliates, partners, the public, and other organizations. The web provides a central location and excellent way to communicate and perform your operations online. The database is the tool that stores the information and the web provides the interface for user access to this information. The database can track users and contacts, member interests, programs, services, funders, calendars, events, equipment, branches, software and hardware. Users can be assigned different access levels, enter and update their own information, view information and generate reports by designing their own search.

Some of the highlights of this database include the ability to:

  • Assign different User Access Levels
  • Allow the Administrator to make changes to the site
  • Perform Basic or Advanced Searches
  • Store standard reports online
  • Provide Direct Links to Web sites and E-mail Addresses
  • Dynamically send E-mails
  • Enter data in Forms that link to database
  • Download/and or export the web database and design reports
  • Track Web activity and Customization of special reports


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